August 07, 2014

happiness is having time to write a blog

tasty foreign ice cream in Kadiköy. its a bit pricey, Cold Stone's concept is this premium stuff and you mix things like caramel sauce and wine gums or walnuts in the portion and so... but yeah, it is SO good. 

we were looking at a combined turkey & greece holiday but then realized doctors schengen visa is good for entering bulgaria too. i have been to Sofia & Plovdiv and the experience was good so we changed our plans. so were probably going to Plovdiv, and then to a quieter beach location near Varna. greece is lovely but change is good....  and we can use train to travel some of the way. i usually prefer trains even if they are a bit more expensive than busses.and now im spending hours on picking the best accommodation and planning eeeeeverything.

doctor asked me what was the food like in bulgaria. i have no idea. i remember liking it, having good experiences... and cheap sushi. but thats all. people always talk fluently about the foods they eat abroad...uff.

when i really like a website/service, and im in a good mood, i click on one of their ads (free things are usually ad powered, after all). thats how nice i am!

happiness is:
a toaster that has the defrost and warmup functions
having nice sunglasses survive for a few years (without being lost or breaking)
spotify's pre-made playlists for various moods
having the time to go on picnics and to see friends

looking forward to this Mad Max sequel, although it will not be the same without Mel Gibson. not a fan but a purist of some sort? last week i tried to watch My Man Is a Loser - and i say try because i had to stumble through with fast forward. it was just poorly made...not funny nor interesting. my to see list also has Luc Besson's Lucy and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes pretty high. i would also like easy comedy but they dont make them good anymore...(as proven above). Maybe The Olivia Experiment could be something...

sushi last weekend. 
only a portion of the tasty makis...  we made so much sushi everyone could eat their bellies full and take home some.

doctor and me having another picnic...  im doing picnics like weekly now. the seaside/park is just so close, even for a lazy girl like me. and the grass is perfect, weather is always perfect and i like looking at the animals roaming around (dogs, cats...chicken!). some mezes or other tastu edibles and i am happy to hang out doing nothing for hours. and obviously im lucky to have 'hours' to spend like that, i am aware of that. should add it to the list above...


roland deschain of gilead said...

in bulgaria they make lots of "kebapce" and "kofteta" which is kebab and kofte with minimal amount of herbs.

big cities are full of pizza houses which make good old school kitchen pizza (not fast food)

if you go to a seaside place always try fish.

jenni said...

thanks :)