September 19, 2014

feb 7th - april 13th 2015!!

finally booked flights to Melbourne!!! we were quite antsy when the process seemed to drag on and on... we waited for the exact date confirmation for like a month. anyway now its official, doctor is going for an ICU observership to one of the biggest hospital in Melbourne. the hospital is known for its big and developed ICU so its cool. im super excited for him. maybe more excited than he himself?? or maybe im just excited that i can tag along :D once the dates were confirmed yesterday, i rushed to book flights. the schedule is a bit tight, doctor was not given much time by his own hospital for the "move", the flight itself takes a day, australia is 7h ahead time wise, and finally i booked one day later because the price difference was quite substantial (330e). now, we will arrive in Melbourne at 9pm and the very next morning doctor should find his way to the hospital...  ill book a hotel near the hospital for the first night or 2? yes, im the family organizer.

i feel strange, like if we were traveling to space. its just another country for gods sakes! but so far, oh dear...  i guess its the 2 month thing that makes it so special, im really excited to get to experience an interesting country for a longer period.

of course im worried Malaysian Airlines will go out of business before the trip, but based on quick googling, experts seem to think theyll stay in air at least until next summer even if all goes wrong. they have had other troubles staying in air though, lol... 

things to be thankful for on this glorious day:
  • my shoe size is not 39 or bigger
  • i read and write fluently - when needed
  • my friends dont (seem to) mind my dozens of typos
  • with my acrylic nails, i dont need to worry if my cleaning day is right after my manicure day and so on...
  • my bf is happy with whatever i cook and my housekeeping (which says a lot! about him, that is)
my friend "family man from espoo" arrived to istanbul yesterday. and just round the time his plane landed, it started raining crazy, and it lasted all the way until evening.....  i also wore a long sleeve shirt and tights for the first time after summer yesterday...summer is officially over :(  

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