September 04, 2014

in paradise

my favorite energy drink, the blue Monster (i used to be Team Sugarfree Red Bull but doctor got me swayed) was sold out in this area for a long time, i think about 3 weeks or longer. first it disappeared from the opposite kiosk, and they kept saying "tomorrow, tomorrow", but no, it didnt appear. i got anxious. then it disappeared from other shops, within days. i panicked, i admit. but there was not much to do. i guess i had signs of withdrawal? within 2-3 weeks i had already accepted the fact it was gone for good. and i blamed the marketing, ie. the title, "lo-carb"*but i was still grieving. then, suddenly, it reappeared. the day before went on holiday. so we had to re-stock, just in case...

*most turks (even in the targer market) wouldnt know enough english to understand the term lo-carb, and the ones that do, dont care, lo-carb is not a big thing in turkey (thank god). in Bulgaria i saw the same product named as "lo-sugar" or something...  that would be better. finding sugar free drinks, besides the goddamn cola zero, is hard in turkey...

the day we left on holiday i also got my new wallet in the mail. i was going out for groceries as i found it stuck in the door, outside. bloody postman didnt bother to buzz himself in...  i guess i need to bribe him properly next time. (thats also my Taloustaito magazine right there which i have canceled long ago but somehow its still coming).

so i bought this leather waller from eBay... unknown brand (Lichtfield 1642), but i never had brands anyway. it gets too thick with the normal amount of cards and cash...  its kind of weird. i like it but im not sure how i feel yet.

this Linkin Park song sung in 20 different styles thing is real cool. the guy has this cool stare, he keeps the eye contact all the time. obviously, he is also talented...    the different styles really remind me why i dont like some bands! i watched his Katy Perry Dark Horse cover video too and omg, just 5 seconds of "Slipknot" give me a headache. it is possibly my most disliked band ever.
today i went out shopping and found this skirt at Koton's sale (20tl/7e). it has that tacky turkish effect but at the same time i found it quite fun and i think i can mix it with a sleek black top and still appear...  decent. the white is like...rubbery applique (not fabric), i think that also drew me in, its different. lets see.

from bulgaria, i bought a 4 eur bottle of apple vodka, some fridge magnets, and pork pate and food stuff: 

i have stooped to the level of Bachelor is Paradise, "an excuse for reality TV singles to hook up in hot tubs". its not as bad i thought...but well, its...  just another step down from Bachelor/ette, which is not Emmy-TV to begin with..  Guardian described Bachelor in Paradise well! i think i the american dating culture is fascinating to me, that and the "small talk" culture. i cant get enough of observing it. i dont think i really "get it". but i just keep watching.

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