September 23, 2014

the things people want and need

I just noticed Married at First Sight (US) has aired! i was really waiting for it...  and i find it great! of course there is some of that reality tv effect, cameras following people. but the individuals are genuine and you really see them getting to know each other, starting from the wedding. and the sociologist and psychologist occasionally make some comments. and i can see how and why they matched these specific individuals. it still might not work of course, because not everything can be calculated, but im surprised how much they have considered things. im hoping that out of the 3 couples at least 1 stay together after their 1 month experiment (i could just google but i need to see it for myself). in addition some of this stuff actually makes me realize new things. like how ive always looked for a partner that has a stable family background (which hopefully makes them stable, willing to commit and trusting) since i didnt really have that. well i have been aware of how i look for security, but lets say that some of the things in the show gave me some new angles to it.

Kate Bush: Wuthering Heights - very awkward song but for some reason i enjoy it today.

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