September 26, 2014

dehydrating but healthy

the other day i went for my yearly full check up, the one my health insurance offers. since im free to go to any hospital i picked the fancy Kadiköy Sifa which is just 200m from my home.

"Yapi Kredi insurance family physician"

i showed up at the appointment and a nurse came to pick me up and took me to another waiting room. from there, another nurse came to get me and drew some blood and got my EKG. then back to waiting room. then yet another nurse came and i have no idea but it looked like a modern x-ray machine...  an image of my chest? for what, tuberculosis?? lol. back to waiting room.
then a nurse offered me a urine sample cup. come on, i had not eaten or drunk anything for 12 hours because i was asked not to! she handed me a coupon for breakfast and sent me to the rooftop cafe and told me to come back when i can "perform". fair enough.

the view was nice. after breakfast and peeing in the cup i was finally taken back to wait for the good doctor. she was a nice lady in her 50s. she took my history, checked my blood pressure etc. all the basics. told me to call back in the afternoon for the lab results.

there was quite a bit of waiting involved but all in all i would say the process was like a well oiled machine. for the record, my lab results were perfect :D

restaurant Benzin.not the greatest but we decided to have dinner there.

the vegetarian options at Benzin included "boiled chicken". hmm.

for the past 24h we havent had water...  they are doing some work in the area, supposedly. could be. or the drought finally caught up to the city and they are rationing it, about a month ago it was said that Istanbul only has water left for 50 more days (unless something happens, and something certainly didnt happen). i then calculated that at least all the guests would have left by the time it happened. but now i have Arttu here, suffering with me (doctor is not suffering cos he "gets to" spend so much time at the hospital, where they have water).
im thinking tomorrow we need to splurge on a spa or something if the water is not back.

new shows started this week!
Scorpion - slightly adolescent....ok, very adolescent "smart guys save the world" drama
Madame Secretary - "serious political drama" with the hero woman & US saves the world take on it
Forever - very cheesy crime solving series with an immortal guy as the Sherlock, visually neat though

Shark Tank and Amazing Race start tomorrow as well :)

sunday will be our 4,5 yr anniversary! thats a LONG time :)

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