September 27, 2014

drought continues

Kadiköy water cuts continue today. should return by 11pm but i have no reason to believe the info the ISKI website ...  glad i filled the water bottles last night.

just checked with doctor that indeed my health check up included an xray for tuberculosis. fuck that, im not getting 'rayed once a year! i understand its still a concern in turkey (22 per 100 000 people in 2012), but i dont want to get x-rays "just in case" (i rather get my cancer from artificial sweeteners or whatever it is thats causing cancer these days).

random: delivery guy moving furniture downhill.

since the landlord and plumbers decided that fixing the under floor plumbing is not feasible (read: too expensive), we just put a marble doorsill in the doorway with silicone. hopefully keeps the water at bay when the next flood hits our kitchen.

Liman kahve's garden expanded, they basically broke the walls between the 3 bars next to each other in the back, so in the front on the street, there are 3 doors and bar signs, but walking through the bar you will find a huge combined garden in the back. below is one corner of it. 

random: public toilet in an underpass (in Karaköy).

breakfast at Van Kahvalti a few days ago. the weather was on our side and the offerings plentiful...   im not a big fan of turkish breakfast but i still got full (bread & egg!).

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