October 11, 2014


today, maybe inspired by my week with the mac, i finally took my MINIPUPU laptop to Volkan and we installed Ubuntu on it. im glad i went to him because alone, im not sure how many hours i wouldve spent on it, the first try was not succesful. so far my initial thoughts are that it has a smooth ideology, just the execution is a bit bumpy. kind of as i expected. i may sound obnoxious, but there are reasons (besides corporate capitalism & lobbying & conspiracy theories etc) why especially Windows is so popular. stable and easy to use operating systems are hard to make (and W only succeeds every 2nd time...). anyway, i will continue my critical evaluation...

hahaa...  i just watched a trailer (Exodus: Gods & Kings, for the record) and it says "from the director of Gladiator" as a sales point...  okay, true, Ridley Scott did direct Gladiator, and sure, its similar to this so it makes sense. but i was a bit baffled anyway when i saw it, cos for me Ridley Scott will always be Blade Runner, Alien...     but yeah, the more i think of it (which is over 30 seconds now), the better i understand why they must refer to Gladiator in this instance.

turkish government recently allowed headscarves for students, while banning tattoos, piercings and make up. yeah. all this would make for a great reality show if fast forwarded 5 yrs, i would call it Turkey goes Iran. the Kobane thing and that, im not gonna go there. i have my first world problems here, like the stream feature gone missing from my utorrent.

i ended up looking for new reality tv food again after watching the '6 months later' episode of Married At First Sight. lovely show, more real than...typical reality show. maybe because with an actual marriage the shit just got real, its not ur usual dating show. anyway, i found Face Off! make up special effects show. reminds me of my more artistic times of course. great entertainment. also the new season of Ultimate Fighter has recently started. its womens strawweight season...:D


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