October 14, 2014

stretching the brain cell

today besides my usual work i got some mental exercise from trying to set up some automated tests with Selenium Builder. i am just testing it to see if it fits my/our purposes at work. incredibly easy to use, but of course lacking some fine tuning then.

 im also checking out Applitools. slightly harder to set up and the focus is on automating visual regression testing.

i have since made more space to be practical, but this is my messy set up from last week:

i still need to make some arrangements, and i could use a slightly wider table to help me out. the make up however, is not going anywhere, i need it close by!

doctors birthday gift, finally pictured in flesh...Samsung Tab 4. 

and then we got YET another 'toy'. an Acer projector. it was about time we switched, the old one was like a starry sky...on a very dark night. and the tech service told us a new LCD will cost as much as a new projector all together. i think it might still make do at an orphanage or charity run school for refugees - will donate it to one of those. now, its time to present: Acer H5380BD;

doctor seems quite happy about it. and me too, i guess. my only issue is that this is slightly bigger than the old one :( arent these things supposed to get smaller with technical advancements??

34 things u can do with coffee grounds. i suspect some of those may be poor alternatives to other options (like using them as gravel on icy sidewalks, home made soap) or plain BS (remove dark circles from under your eyes), but others... i will try.

i have also bought some things just for myself...  i went to Mango and found this dress...its a bit turkish (all the lace...oh lord), but i felt like i should have something slightly dressy for ...birthday parties or whatever, all my clothes are very casual. this one fit the bill and was 13,50tl/4,5e.

2 skirts i got from someone 2nd hand;  the grey woolly skirt has a funky form and the more fitted one is army green.

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