October 17, 2014

feeling like myself again

our new projector is looking good, we are happy with it. seems impossible (without a lot of effort) to get a photo that showcases the 'screen' watching experience we have, but here my best half-assed try.

beats a bulky black television hanging on the wall any day.

Miriam finally has a smart phone and whatsapp...  connecting just got easier. and nokia had (unfortunately) nothing to do with it.

i think Miriam subconsciously inspired my new haircut too. now im really starting to look like a "bitchy feminist"...  which is great? at least i like the look. the short side could use some more work, but im not sure what...  the hairdressers here are not very good with this type of stuff...i might be better off going to a barber. but for now im happy. i havent changed my hair so radically in years so its an odd feeling.

after the left side was cut short it was clear that i need to dye my hair again. its only been a week but... 1 have 3-5mm of brown growth, not too visible in photos but horrible in real life. operation hair dye then...

and doctor *loves* my new haircut.

there was an ebola scare at his hospital on wednesday night. a patient with high fever and flu like symptoms, who had returned from that part of africa 2 weeks ago. turkish health ministry instructions dictate that these kind of patients are assumed ebola until proven otherwise. im sure its the same everywhere else, but im a little bit proud my doctor followed the rule book and the patient was put in isolation and proper safety measures taken. it was a huge mess of course, the media ran to the scene etc. by morning the tests for malaria came back positive, so the situation solved. i was already thinking to myself i better move to sleep on the couch and take some distance, although doctor did not touch the patient.

tonight my friend is hosting a 'Mexican Fiesta' party, looking forward to those tastes!

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