October 21, 2014

leaning forward

some realizations about the new hair:
1. straight out of bed hair is ...not so great anymore, the hair needs some attention, namely,
2. wax. thank god doctor has some, i borrowed from him.
3. looks like i will be dyeing my hair much more often...

im so used to "wash & go" this seems very high maintenance. and my experience in styling hair is... well, limited. i think i need to google and talk to people who have more experience in this.
and what is this...   well a turkish cleaning lady of course. i havent seen statistics on their work related deaths but they may well be high. (those numbers for turkey overall are VERY grim).

a week ago my old high school friend posted this highly debated new article on FB (the one about a study that says women dont have vaginal orgasms...pfff) , and a friend of his commented on it and referred to some statistics regarding turkish women. so i then asked this friend off topic where the numbers came from and it turns out it was a study hes conducted in Istanbul. so we start to talk and turns out this guy is practically my neighbor. he has been studying womens sexuality for a long time here and said he would give me some books he wrote on it, and he sent me the surveys too which i was interested in. the sad news is that the sexual behavior and thoughts of young educated turkish women have changed considerably in the past 20 years...for the worse imho. the women have less orgasms, less partners, suddenly virginity on a wedding night is valued again etc. the figures are horrible :( and now that i talked with some turkish friends, they agree that the country was more liberal in the 90s (the first survey was from 1993). uff. so anyway on saturday i met this friend of a friend (Ümit is his name). he is a professor of pharmacology so we had plenty to talk about in that field too! but we covered sex & health education, scandinavian depression and turkish women in detail. inspiring discussions. and i came home with some suggestions to try (dopamin, melatonin, 5HTP etc). lets see, now googling hard.

Ümit is a big fan of tea as well and suggested i try black tea (called "gunpowder") and melissa tea. i do not like tea but somehow felt impulsive so i decided to try. this is day #2 of trying, and im not yet impressed, almost had a nap yesterday afternoon after this "gunpowder", and last night i stayed up until 6am, after 2 glasses of melissa tea past midnight. im not expecting these things to work like medical products but i think this is very unlucky. i do believe these experiences are very individual, and perhaps im so used to all the toxic waste and chemicals i normally consume, that these just wont even make me blink an eye. and im not sure if i am imagining, but i feel like both teas make me feel sort of nauseous?? 
im glad i found this proper tea mug in our cup board, we got it as a gift from someone, and i didnt even know what its for. lets put it to good use. i have to say, very messy and complicated though. 

Miriam suggested me a book (or, alternatively, the authors TEDtalk), Esther Perel's Mating in Captivity. it was 9,99usd for Kindle so clickety-click... i already started reading. she tends to have interesting suggestions so i did not even read a description or a bloody review, i trusted her recommendation and the interesting title. 

i havent cooked for a long time. but today while doing a shopping round in the neighborhood i opened BigOven app in my phone, it has a great feature where you write 2 or 3 ingredients that you have already, and it will suggest some recipes based on that. i started off with spinach and chicken. and chose a pasta food since one was available. although it required me to buy gorgonzola cheese and cherry tomatoes and whatnot...    overall it was too complicated, although the end results was tasty. recipe here.

dinner; served with a "you know i wouldnt do shit like this if i was alone, right? i do it for you." but in the cutest tone possible.

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