November 16, 2014

basically nothing

friend linked me this article about Kim Kardashian. we were just wondering what made her famous. im still not sure, but now i know she poses for nudes (ok?! but found it awkward in this article), has a kid and is married to Kanye West. err. moving on...

i just spent, like, 20min creating a proxy on doctors tablet. thats a long ass time. i have to say f*ck android, and/or samsung. there is no way anyone could have done that without googling, its hidden. and there was even a sort of bug or usability issue related to the table being held horizontally/vertically... boo. but i got the proxy working. i need it for my testing work.

RuPaul's Drag Race is rated high as a reality show (7.9 on imdb) so i decided to give it a go. it is fun to watch the queens but the recorded "giggle" they play here and there is really annoying. but its decent entertainment.  i guess this is what bitches whove already seen every other show on tv, end up watching.

been feeling blue for a few days now. sleeping a lot, not going out. pretending to be normal.

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