November 20, 2014

trying to warm up

this morning all hell broke loose on facebook; the water company had informed that the asian side of the city will be without water from monday morning until early friday. thats 4 days, pretty rough? by the afternoon there was a rumor that the mayor had cancelled this, telling the water company to do their construction work some other way. and its only thursday today, many things can change by next monday...  but i will put aside a few (extra) buckets of water this weekend...  but if this happens, i might ask friends if i can go spend a night in europe. Carilyn has her Thanksgiving dinner on thursday, i dont really wanna go there smelling...

Uber launched in finland. i just learned a month or so ago that they had been in Istanbul since the summer. i just ran into a campaign of theirs then, where they offered free rides for the whole weekend. sounded great. i was curious. i downloaded the app. then: no cars available. the whole weekend the best i got was a waiting time of 45 minutes. lol. i twiited @Uber rather bitterly and to their credit, they replied within half an hour asking me for location in a PM so theyd send a car right away. nice enough but too little too late. the next week i received a promotion email saying that my first 2 rides (up to 50tl) will be free. so im still hopeful, but the few (3-4) times that i logged in on the app in hopes of a ride, i got nothing better than 33min (usually much longer). meh. and then, the car MIGHT just arrive sooner, so im supposed to sit here on stand by? makes me ask myself, why did i want to use this service again?? because the price estimation tool easily shows you that they are about THREE (3) times as expensive as a normal cab. even if it was "just" twice the price, in a city where there is a cab in every corner, im kind of failing to see the benefit...  but id like to get my 2 free rides at least.

a painting in a bar (BardanAdam). we were sitting there with Kiriaki and her bf, and trying to recognize the rock legends...  we felt the cast was a bit uneven; Jon Bon Jovi right between Elvis and Jimi Hendrix, really..?? there was also Axl Rose, Jim Morrison, Frank Zappa, Lemmy and John lennon...  and we could not recognize 3 of the guys. 

i made another news collage to put on the guest room wall. doctor said my collages are getting more and more negative in terms of the content :D i dunno, could be - i tried to balance it with neutral and positive headlines.

i bought this heater last week, its tiny and cute and will allow me to avoid using the expensive air con less.  

i got mail! my stepfather and his gf sent me something for the winter; hand knit socks. the chocolate disappeared quickly.

doctor went TedX istanbul on tuesday. once of his rare days off just happened to match with the event, lucky. he liked it. i had a bit of work and most of the talks were in turkish so i stayed home. i had a plan on watching the free live stream, but it didnt work properly of course.

Kadik√∂y municipality posted a cute video on their facebook page. the music is infantile but the views nice. maybe i cant be objective though, i do love my home district. 

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