November 26, 2014

i love my dresses

doctor started his aussie visa application. its possible to do online, including uploading documents etc (maybe just because its a short term work visa). but boy, is it extensive, so many questions....:D ok. they also wanted a chest x-ray, from the American Hospital specifically. a city of 16m people and one accepted hospital?! it cost about 70e. would have been 3e at doctors own hospital...  but surely we knew this is not a cheap process.

this guy is illogical: "a doctor explains why cruise ships should be banned". just wanted to say that.

and Aurora Snow's piece on Kink is lacking too:  My Kink Nightmare. i am not a subject enthusiast and havent seen the documentary, but it sounds like she went and did something she did not enjoy (multiple times, as some comments point out), then blames the company. she is not suggesting that Kink's people behaved anything but professionally or that the production was questionable. ok, so then whats the problem? she says that a lot of performers work for Kink because work you dont like is better than no work, but her being in the industry for 10 yrs at that time i would assume she doesnt have to BDSM for money?? maybe im wrong. in every industry u might have to do work you dont enjoy - thats a fact. that applies to life in general, those who start to work young while studying probably come accustomed to cleaning or customer service...  not fun, but u gotta earn money, now, if u choose porn as a career, i guess it could mean scenes and films that are not nice at all? either way her text is a bit unclear in where its pointing... i think the road leads to looking at the mirror.

but meanwhile in turkey;
'public morality' to become condition for turkish citizenship by Hurriyet
Turkish PM targets Wikipedia amid ‘censorship’ of sexual articles by Hurriyet
Turkish President: 'Equality between men and women is against nature'  by Independent

a dress i bought about a week ago. it IS a bit gothic...but also girly, love the pattern.

cute skirt i also got a week ago... 
 love the texture especially.

as if those werent enough, i went to this shopping center (Akasya) with Melisa the other day. i felt like i "deserved" to consume. whatever that means. it doesnt make any sense. indeed shopping made me feel better. i got 2 dresses. this is the other. almost semi-formal, if it wasnt for the big neck i guess.

im thinking, one day i want to have a tumble dryer. it wouldnt be impossible today, but i think it would make our bathroom too crammed. so, i keep on dreaming... maybe some day, when i can also have the kind of bathroom i want (renting a flat ur not too motivated to remodel...).

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