December 18, 2014

not stepping out of the house today

today for me:

had actual, real issues with my work laptop, the mac. i could not figure it out for the life of me, so i finally had a novel idea, lets REBOOT the thing! i dont think ive done that since i got it. i really dont like rebooting. anyway, reboot didnt solve my issues. but now i have a better view of where the problem is located.

on my personal computer then, the display driver crashed (and recovered), but my Firefox then lost all the button elements, lol. so my tabs dont have a cross to close them and there is no refresh icon in the url bar. they are there of course, and work, so everything is "fine", buuuut rather awkward. i guess today is a rebooting day?? hah, fuck it. there is no way this baby is being rebooted any time this year!

testing a new music streaming web app today. fun to play music (as i normally do on spotify anyway) and test the player at the same time. it looks very promising.

were out of blue Monster energy drink, either me or doctor have to go out to replenish our stock... 

eating raw onion (came with the lunch yesterday). just cos i looooove it.

plans: cooking asian again tonight. watching a movie OR a documentary, doctor can pick which one. 

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