December 11, 2014

the clock is ticking

i think im drawn to italian and asian food as both use pasta/noodles...or other carbs.  perhaps i miss traveling and exotic foods and thats whats "forcing" me to cook lately although i dont like it. i would do really well in Top Chef though, if speed was the only thing they measured, im the fastest cook ever because i want to get out of the kitchen.
turns out this is doctors new favorite food. it had a few too many ingredients for my taste, but at least they were all cheap (broccoli, peanuts, bean sprouts, jasmine rice, ginger etc...). i did a chinese sauce according to a recipe like this (not exactly).

we watched 2 documentaries about istanbul. both quite good actually.
Tarlabasi and me

this week in turkey: 
compulsory ottoman language classes to schools. the article explains how this is just in the works, a possible recommendation, but the president already announced that ottoman will be taught regardless of whatever anyone else says. so, i guess thats that. a local newspaper here used ottoman writing in their headline today, spelling "thief" big and bold...  :D (opposition newspaper, obviously)

i just saw ads for Sziget for 2015...  reminded me i really wanna experience that again. i was there like, 5 years ago or so, with Miriam. and i got a slight age crisis... like, if i plan to go there, i should start thinking about it...?! so, im quite set on going next year! no artists have been announced yet, but my wish list is:
Nick Cave
Florence + The Machine
The National
Antony and The Johnsons

i would also be happy with:
Paloma Faith
Lykke Li
Of Monsters And Men
London Grammar
Blue Foundation
Zola Jesus
Hercules & The Love Affair 

and if they could bring Ramones back from the dead, id be extra appreciative.

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