December 08, 2014

slightly nationalist - so what?

doctor got an early christmas present last week. a year ago he bought these Jaybird bluebuds X headphones. a couple months ago they started having issues, the connection breaking etc. a friend of a friend had bought them from the US and we didnt have the receipt, but doctor emailed the customer service anyway. they wanted a photo of the barcode on the packaging, and of the headphones, before and after cutting the cord (rendering them useless). we sent those and voilá - today the postman brought him brand new Jaybird headphones :D good customer service?! 

i got my own share of good customer service on saturday when i woke up to no internet at 12:40. i called TTnet customer service at 12:50 after rebooting the modem a couple times and doing whatever problem screening i could. the call was short, the guy saw i have an issue and said a technician will be in contact with me. last year the same thing happened and it was fixed within a couple hours, i didnt dare to hope for the same this time around. but 13:15 a technician called me to check im home, and he arrived at 13:40. at 13:50 the internet was up again. damnnnn, i say. i understand that in cheap labor countries its easier to arrange fast service, but its pretty unheard of here - with ttnet especially - they have a bad reputation (but not many competitors - and they are the only option in our building). knowing how awry these things can go in turkey, i was thankful.

i got in the mood for christmas decor. i was out of ideas for a christmas tree so i just put the lights on the wall. and "snow flakes" on the windows. there you go...

decided to use the wok pan i bought...long time ago. shouldve had noodles instead of potatoes, but oh well. sesame oil and soy sauce made everything tasty.

 a small get together/party on saturday...  

for the event, being it was also finnish independence day, i printed some finnish facts on paper and taped thrm on the walls around flat. for ex. 
Finland has a National Failure Day on October 13th
Finland has the most heavy metal bands per capita
Finland has the highest level of press freedom in the world


i was really freakin' excited yesterday as i freelance on uTest (as a hobby...) and was invited to this test cycle and got to test a 'top 100' website for GUI and functionality issues. found bugs = happy jenni.

my entertainment today: a voice for men forums

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