January 08, 2015

focused on the task at hand

"the violent gene found in finnish men" interesting. maybe there is something like that. although violent men can be found everywhere, i guess finnish men may be extra prone to snapping when drunk.

and what did i find in the corner of our kitchen today? a small pond of water...  hahaa. the floods are back i guess. i am going to predict that within the next couple weeks we will see an even bigger pond (or not, as the water spreads and then slowly dries it can be missed if the timing is right)... and eventually there will be a proper flood again. i guess it might happen when we are away. lets see.

i was looking at the prices of various items in Melbourne again... but there is no way around it, its EXPENSIVE. a tram ticket is like 2.5 euros. a kilo of potato (not that i would ever buy a kilo!!) is just over 2 euros. a bottle of domestic beer is 3 euros. but well we have saved like a year for this, its not an issue. it just stings. parting with money always stings...  doctor is not that emotional about it. and he is not as stingy either.(one of the price comparison sites)

we had a dinner with Melis who is also going to melbourne. we will probably share a flat to decrease the overall costs. so we are co-ordinating things a bit now. today i started putting up ads in FB groups and contacting landlords on gumtree.com.au- looking at flats like this;

finding furnished flats is not too hard actually. but most are for long term lease of course. im looking at St Kilda, Prahran and South Yarra area wise. and checking the addresses in google maps - the street better have a shop or two, and the tram stop nearby.

in the winter especially one can see all kinds of dog and cat "houses" in the city, dwellings that people make for the street animals. municipalities also make pretty neat ones, but in the winter the need is greater. doctor found these instructions for a 'cat house' so ill go buy the plastic bowls and we'll make one tonight. i am a little bit worried that the fabric is not a good idea as it may get humid and then - cold & wet is a not a good combo, cats hate that. but will an old towel for instance really get wet from the humidity in the air alone? i think we should just try, i already have a safe covered place in mind, within steps from our front door so i can easily go check how its working.

my right wrist is killing me, but i cant bear to use the mouse and type on left hand alone.

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