February 06, 2015

i hate packing

the week was b-u-s-y. packing our stuff in storage was more work than even i (as a pessimist) expected. but now its done. and the cleaning guy came today so we leave a clean flat for the people staying in our home...    he somehow got water in the hot plate circuitry though and that caused the fuse to blow. since i didnt know what caused it, and the hot plate was still plugged in, i was not able to get the power back on. and doctor was at work sleeping off a nightshift. aaand i had cancelled the internet package on my phone. and was out of credits. so, no electricity, no internet, no nothing. solving the mess took a while.

and i got a cold a couple days ago (i think the stress weakened my otherwise thriving immune system). but that just means im sneezing and my sinuses feel uncomfortable; annoying.

these are the shoes i plan on taking.
 packing dry foods fom the kitchen...

cosmetics...  looks like i could use a few more MAC foundations...
 thats our stuff!

just realized how nice it is to have friends and people around me who have all been really excited about our adventure and happy for me. its nice to be able to share like this.

tomorrow we r off to airport, and will arrive late on sunday. Melbourne is probably not waiting for us especially, but we r going anyway.

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