February 08, 2015

positive first impressions count

my immediate impression is positive, but in an "just as expected" way. i only saw the airport, we drove through the city and i got a glimpse of the neighborhood (St Kilda), its late evening so this is it for the day. i only slept like 5 hours between friday and saturday, and as usual none on the plane, so i would describe myself as "tired" right now.

melbourne air feels more humid than i expected, and its wonderfully soft - very nice on the skin. the city is super flat and the streets new - perfect for biking and high heels. well i dont have a bike but i did come prepared with high heels :)

after we walked into our airbnb flat i took a shower and found myself immediately evaluating whether i get the feeling of "wanting to live here" (shower is an important part of that). but yeah, thats like going on date, and asking yourself within the first few minutes if the guy is marriage material...eh. i think i am psychologically too eager to find a new home. its not healthy to plan that far in the future (end of 2016)...

anyway. i think the flights were 11 and 8 hours. i am okay with long flights, the leg space is plenty for me and as long as i have a tv and movies and stuff, i can keep myself occupied. Malaysian Airlines experience was overall positive, they were handing out snacks and refreshments every now and then, food was ok and the staff friendly. and most importantly, they didnt lose yet another Boeing.

Melis, me and doctor and Kuala Lumpur airport this morning.

out "hut" for the first 2 weeks. balcony has chairs and a fake turf, i think i will enjoy sitting there.
 our bedroom.
 i liked the bathroom sink area, it felt just right.
 its the kind of bathroom i want to have one day, style wise.

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