February 21, 2015

ok so im a foodie with a poor sense of taste, so what?

 my work laptop really demonstrates while i might feel a bit isolated.

but so life in Melbourne continues. somehow im not really able to keep track of time, i think the time difference (no one ever online - ie. lack of contact) and slight holiday mentality is fucking with me. i only know its our 2nd week cos we booked this place for 2 weeks and i know it's nearing the end.

a picnic at the botanical gardens last sunday. why is my leg sticking up like that? we had burgers as picnic 'snack'.

since a few days ago there was no further accomodation solution in sight, i bought us more time in the format of another Airbnb week, in another location. to be exact, the city center, with pool. its just a room though. 

Airbnb is expensive as hell but the options seemed limited. but a couple nights ago we finally secured a place for the remaining time, from march 1st until april 12th, when we return. its a shared flat thing (Flexistayz). there are several companies offering these services to students and long term visitors. so we have a room to ourselves and then there are communal areas, backyard, bathroom, laundry... ok, im willing to give it a try, it could be a great experience? when in Rome, do as the Romans do...    i have to say its very modest living though, the rooms are kind of "private room in a hostel" type. but okay, we have a bed and i will have a desk by a window to work at, and there is even a telly and a couch too, so maybe we can check out what the australian tv offers.

aussies are VERY fond of this flat sharing concept, it seems to be a pretty normal part of anyones youth. perhaps thats what makes them so friendly, relaxed and social...? at least in part. thats my theory. although i have not confirmed if the other bigger cities are as obsessed with flats haring, but i am willing to bet they are...   anyhow im glad to have this accommodation thing off our shoulders! geez, it was killing me.

this week started the chinese new year celebrations in Melbourne. we were out in the town to see whats going on and also went to a free Comedy Club. my first time watching live stand up, i believe. it was fun, very nice :) and FUNNY.
 one of the entrances to chinatown.

a view from a rooftop bar (called Rooftop Bar). im very accustomed to rooftop bars thanks to Istanbul, but Melbourne offers a very different kind of skyline, skyscrapers and such.

typical asian fast food place.yeah i guess they are the same all around the world, but that doesnt lessen my appreciation. i know its not the healthiest food around - one can make healthy asian cuisine at home though.
 my late take away lunch...  yum yum yum...

one wall of beer in a beer  shop. this was by all means not the only wall. they were bragging carrying 600 labels....  well, i dont drink beer, so.
i met Alex this week. she and i originally "met" when i was looking for home exchange opportunities for this trip. that didnt work out but we decided to meet in real life when we get here. doctor was working but i took a tram to hipstery Fitzroy area to meet up and get some insider scoop on things around here.

this restaurant, Naked For Satan is really popular. in the weekends so much that she recommended just staying away. for the rooftop bar u need to queue on fri & sat evenings, they will take ur mobile number and txt when you can come. lol. not my thing. but we visited the rooftop and daytime its a nice place too, you can eat a lunch/dinner for instance...

downstairs the place looked like a sort of old spanish royal pub... they had 1 dollar pintxos so i tried a few!

one of the many many cute design shops ive seen in the city. this one was on Brunswick street in Fitzroy.. 

i really want this set of 4 plates (all diff colors)... its 40 aud/38 eur though, and we have plenty of plates already...   but these ARE different!

typical Melbourne housing. really typical. i think its looks british..?

a cat in the window! 
 a tram stop with one seat? :D
yummy home made meatball pasta at Tiamo restaurant, located on the italian restaurant street (Lygon st), of course... 

backyard of the Post Office Pub. very nice aand calm in the daytime. i went here one day after i finished work to read a book.

mr.wolf  is an italian restaurant. open for lunches twice a week, for dinners 6 nights a week (thats 4-5h per night). thats one thing i dont like about the restaurants here, the weird and very limited opening hours.
our dinner at mr.wolf. i had calm+garlic+chili pasta (home made pasta!) and doctor had a pizza our airbnb landlord recommended :) it was all tasty. after dinner i tried their tiramisu. it was good too, but not really worth the money.

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