March 07, 2015

its getting chilly at times

i did some groupon shopping today;
-me & Melis will go see a male striptease show... pretty self explanatory
-haircut (way overdue!)
-all you can eat indian restaurant night (im giving indian food one more chance...  if i still dont like it after, ill never eat it again)

melbourne is quite eventful. literally, there is always a lot of stuff going on.  its really nice, u just open your Timeout app or whatever you prefer and then head out. im not really one for going to places every day, but i am trying to see and experience things while here. talkative locals are an added bonus - whether ordering chinese or just sitting in a tram, they like to have a chat and that makes me happy.

yesterday we went to a weekly couchsurfing event at a bar. nearby on Gertrude street. plenty of people there, from Korea to Estonia, and a few locals too. me and doctor had a good time chatting with people. some facebook friends were made, lets see if it leads to anything...connecting with people while you are traveling for a short while only seems a bit challenging.

earlier this week we scoured shops in Fitzroy and enjoyed happy our drinks and dinner... there are a lot of design shops with oh so cute things...  im in home making mode i guess...

view from Naked for Satan rooftop bar during our Fitzroy day. it was a sunny day and boy does that city look flat! (the skyscrapers are on the other side...but even so)
the holy-crap-how-tender steak at a bar in Fitzroy.  it was huge and amazingly delicious. and half price!

my random menu photo:

today we tried kangaroomeat  (they grow wild & on farms so no guilt at all for eating). it was nice & tasty but nothing special to be honest. it was served with sweet potato puree and pepper berries (wtf?)
outside this kangaroo meat restaurant in Docklands the wall featured some quotes.
 Docklands views...  its a sought after area to live i understand, the water provides a nice view, the restaurants are fancy and here is a nice wooden picnic place for for the public to enjoy!

theatre lobby. we really liked the  comedy show by Bianca Del Rio. (heh, ran into her best of compilation video from Drag Race)

what is this movie, lol. Big Game. a finnish director gets his hands on hollywood actors. hah, well, im game for watching this.

some confusing and annoying Melbourne things listed:
there are several identical street names, there are like 2 Smith streets, 2 Vale streets, 2 Williams streets and so on. then, there is a district called Fitzroy, and a Fitzroy street in another district, and a district called Brunswick, and naturally a Brunswick street in another district...    i know i sound bitter as if i had gotten lost because of this, but thats not the case. ive merely observed the phenomenon and find it stupid.
this queen Victoria lady seems to be everywhere. i know, every country have their kings, queens or presidents which lent their names to buildings, i just find the Victoria worship a bit excessive.

to balance it out, some positives on Melbourne:
1. there are public benches everywhere, on the streets, at the parks. for someone who needs to sit down every now and then to rest her feet, this is heaven sent. overall the green-ness of the city is sweet :)

2. melbourne officially supports street art - and i support that!
3. there are plenty of nice buildings, i really enjoy just looking at them. i am clearly more into the modern ook although i can appreciate the old stuff too (hat tip to istanbul). this must be one of my favorite building combos.

after settling down, this is my home office now.

our saturday brunch, kindly made by doctor while i slept an extra 15min...

tomorrow is sunday and we are looking to hit a fleamarket in Fitzroy, the Queen Victoria market (again, the food stands are great for exotic nibbles) and the Moomba festival which i know nothing about but there is a big water ski contest or something.. i think we will just go and enjoy the atmosphere :) monday is a national holiday and ive booked us a day tour to Yarra Valley wineries. a wine tasting day! visiting the Chandon winery which is a part of Mo√ęt & Chandon excites me of course - although i humbly admit i know nothing about wine and probably never will but this is an experience and thats all :)

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