March 02, 2015

well this should be fun

i booked flights & hotel in Tasmania for 3 nights, 2 weeks from now. and the perfect time to find out that there is virtually nothing unless u want to drive around 10 days and see all the amazing nature stuff. im thinking booking 3 nights was a bit excessive...  not to be rude, but it does seem like there is nothing of interest unless youre into trekking and driving. i realize the amazing sceneries cannot be just in front of a hotel balcony but i was hoping to have something else to do perhaps. doctor asked me if booked the trip and then "so whats there in Tasmania?". i think we should take it as a break from city life and just relax and do nothing. MAYBE book a 1 day tour somewhere close by. or MAYYYYBE hire a car for a day, if doctor thinks he can handle the opposite lane traffic (im sure he can). hmm, upon further googling there appears to be an art festival in Hobart during that weekend. i dont care for art usually but perhaps i can be open minded as this is our free time away from everything else...   also i think if i contact locals via couchsurfing or something, they would have good tips for spending time...   it should a fun weekend :)  i do know how to get a bus card in Hobart, what the bus costs and which lines go to our hotel, but somehow the big picture is more fuzzy.

tonight we are going to see a drag queen comedy show - i was really excited when i was browsing Melbourne events and saw Bianca Del Rio's name. she was on Ru Paul's Drag Race season 6 and i just recently watched it. super funny.  and as a guest star the show will have Courtney Act - also familiar to me from the same show. ive never been to see anything like this, not what i usually do on my free time but Melbourne is very effective in making me try different things...  the selection of events is just too inviting :)

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