March 25, 2015

something with flowers and bunnies perhaps?

the latest album by Smashing Pumpkins is definitely okay. but feels like i would get tired of it if i listened to te album a few times, it reminds me of teenage angst for some reason (eh...) and Corgan's voice is kind of squeaky which enhances the feeling.

i bought Dawkins' God Delusion from a 2nd hand market, i think i had a copy of it in finland, and definitely have read it, but it can stand another read :) Dawkins has gotten active on social media in the past years but i am not sure its the best for him...  while he is so smart and has good ideas, he seems to get into petty arguments a lot (on twitter) and generally waste time with being offended or arguing over something... then again who am i to say whats time waste? i do feel bad though when gets shit for his blunt statements, which i think have been technically solid (the ones i know of; down syndrome abortion, bad rape vs worse rape) but emotionally charged people want to understand them wrong. suggesting that aborting a fetus with a genetic disorder is the same as hating all those with a genetic disorder or that once born, they should not be part of the society. aborting a fetus is just aborting a fetus. and the rape thing, im not even gonna go into it...   now that i google, i do find some other slightly questionable thing, mainly related to islam, and i remember disagreeing with one o them a couple years ago...  anyway, i dont like when rough sounding but truthful statements are distorted into something else just because people want to feel offended and are passionate about their causes.

i just remembered my tattoo "situation" again. the arm thing needs an update of some sort, and i want new stuff around it. ive been struggling to get to it for a few years now, i just dont know what exactly i want so i havent been able to make a move. also in turkey the language barrier is an issue when communicating with artists. i now decided to look into Melbourne artists. i think i want to extend my current "half sleeve" with something modern, like watercolor painting style maybe with etching. thats the conclusion after looking at whats going on in tattoos in the recent years and what i like and what would maybe work with the mixed styles i currently have.

Buzzfeed's list of 28 waterpainting tattoos - not all of them are to my liking but many.

so i then find a great artist in Melbourne (Kel Tait), but she is booked until, like, the end of the year and very specific about what she does and doesn't do (i received an automated, long, somewhat confusing email "rider", written in 1st & 3rd person, etc) - i dont think i'd qualify as her customer anyway :D so i kept looking, now im gonna contact Mel Wink. she has a very similar thing going on stylistically, but i should be prepared that she is quite booked too....i know, the good ones usually are. while googling for talent, i came across istanbul based Koray Karagözler. turkish artists are usually not very booked, there are so many tattoo artists there and many people are not educated enough to go after the good ones, more interested in the price tag...  so i am hopeful that he could be my artist if Mel doest work out. there is then the question of if Koray knows any english, but i could try to push and manage a turkish situation too if i really want to make it happen and get a feeling that he is on the same wavelength. then, if that doesnt work out... there is Petra Hlaváčková in Prague.

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