April 03, 2015

almost done here

oh wow time flies...   we have just over a week left of our Australia experience. its been good, so im okay going back, but looks like i should prepare with a bulletproof vest - the shit is really hitting the fan in istanbul...   i am getting increasingly skeptical if i can stay another year and a half.

we went to Sydney with doctor for a long weekend. enjoyed our 5 year anniversary there (and my theoretical 5 yrs in Istanbul).i forgot to take my camera with me but took some photos with my phone. will need to upload...at some point. but Sydney was a positive surprise, my expectations were not very high. it had more nightlife and 'stuff' than Melbourne (although no H&M downtown! - but H&M addressed the issue when i tweeted about it) but was somehow more 'american' (more cars, less public transport). a bit pricier than Melboure though. didnt know that was possible...    anyway we enjoyed it overall.

i did some crazy shopping at H&M sale, now worried how to get everything back home with me. i probably bought one chinese employers one days work...  (too bad they only get a fraction of what i paid - but i do realize that is a major factor enabling the cheap prices).

tonight we are heading to a birthday party in the suburbs, a foreign student me & Melis met via Couchsurfing is celebrating her 22nd. ill admit that does make me feel old...

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