April 23, 2015

oh so settled

i would say we are perfectly settled back home now. everything is unpacked from the storage and life goes on. i work, do laundry, go out for coffee with friends and watch tv.

learned something new last week: designing responsive websites. i have made some wireframes before, but i never had to consider responsivness, and while i know how to test for that and the very basic logic, i had to do some studying not to make the programmer slit his wrists. but it was fun. wouldnt mind having another go, there is still some space to learn. but my super power is learning fast :D

stuff that is currently on my mind:
  • how some automated emails are pushed to my email faster than others. ie. all automated emails from company X show up in my inbox within 2 seconds, where automated emails from company Y take 4 or more seconds. it's mind boggling, but im onto it...
  • what inspired character Jason Voorhees' last name 
  • uninstalling & reinstalling Dropbox - been struggling with this for almost a week now, this shit goes way deep...
  • core differences between Python & Java
  • why some women like "bad guys" and other (me!) "good guys"

i bought this (ikea) picture 2nd hand. just something colorful to hang on the wall...:)

then, i bought a new mouse. i have been feeling like the small mouse ive used with my work laptop is not ergonomic and adds to my wrist pain issues. but then i looked at the miouse selection available these days, and its 95% small mice! the remaining 5% is crazy looking and expensive gaming mice. and on the online shops its actually even a bit hard to tell the size, and dimensions are not mentioned. anyway, its been a few months and i went to the small tech shop nearby (again) and suddenly they had this one HP mouse, which was cheap as well! it doesnt have any special gimmicks and thats just fine. here, new and old side by side. 
just realized that ive really mixed my brands here. for years now, ive used a mac keyboard on my desktop pc - i just find it more comfy with the flat keys etc. and now with my work mac i prefer a PC mouse.

downloaded Be My Eyes app a while ago. i figured that spending a few seconds or minutes here or there to help someone, via phone, is something i can definitely do. 

last night was a date night, doctor wanted to take me out. after dinner we had a drink in this new bar which is on our street. it opened a few days ago. in fact, in the last year or two, several bars have opened on our street...  hmm. its becoming a bar street perhaps? its fine, but maybe i wouldnt want more bars downstairs, we already have a few. 50m in either direction - great. this new place is called Dora King. the owner also came to  chat with us. networking and having regulars is important in turkey so this would be almost expected behavior. it was a nice bar, music was cool and not too loud.

i am looking forward to watching While We're Young. also i have a slew of older films waiting... Nymphomaniac(s), Palo Alto, Third Person,  Disconnect....

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