April 18, 2015

tv & people - 2 great things

im really enjoying the second season of Married at First Sight*. its reality, yes, but really one of those that gets me thinking about my life and other peoples lives and how we behave and what we expect and so on. i dont care what anyone thinks, i think its great tv with actual content.
     *i was gonna link to wikipedia page but there was just a stub and it had been marked for deletion, wtf?! every bloody tv show has its own page, and someone thought that since this one is not very long yet, maybe it should be discarded? uff. for the 3rd time in my life, i actually contributed and added info to a wikipedia page.

new tv shows ive checked out:
Weird Loners - easy breezy american "Friends" sitcom, a group of 4 singles that are supposedly funny, meet and struggle with their dating issues. nothing new and probably not worth it unless your on a plane and ran out of things to watch.
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt - really just full of fluff. as expected. no, its not even remotely funny.
CSI: Cyber - ive enjoyed CSI shows so i looked forward to this one. its not bad exactly, but not great...  a bit weak. i like Patricia Arquette but she just looks bloated (i would like that to not sound rude, but i know it does). the "im sorry for your loss...but we're going to find the person responsible for this!" is just getting so old...! americans pls save the world...
Man Seeking Woman - didnt seem too promising but what the fuuuuuu....  this is some weord, and kinda cool, shit. i didnt expect to continue after the first episode but... i have to keep going. its just a bit absurd and has these funny notions about the reality of dating life and social situations, i enjoy it.    

traveling (by flying) always reminds of how i like reading magazines. i tend to buy a few from the airport to read on the flight. my favorites are Wired, GQ, The Economist and National Geographic. GQ has the least meaningful content, its a light read, whereas Wired gets me really excited, its really well written (me thinks). and National Geographic just has me glued on the stories and the information. Economist...not sure why i like it, but im sure i do. id like to keep buying the paper magazines but the subscriptions are pricery by turkish standards, take weeks to arrive, and its uncertain - Turkish mail is not known for its reliability. AND its 2015 - its supposed to be so practical to read stuff on a tablet. but i admit i like paper, whether its books or magazines, i keep struggling between paper and screen. i LOOOVE the web, but some things are nice when tangible, i admit it. 

ive luckily been able to meet up with my fav friends this week and catch up. a couple nice dinners on the side didnt hurt. i didnt miss turkish food apart from a few dishes and mezes, but im alright eating it again. i really savored those foreign delicacies in australia, itll keep me  satisfied for a while.

my superpupu computer is getting old. 7+ yrs is starting to show although i take good care of her. there are little issues here or there...takes time to fix all the things, authorization issues, syncing issues, random stuff...   eventually i will just have to start over... but somehow im hoping she would last another year, like, until we leave turkey.

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