May 08, 2015

oldies goldies

so this food delivery company (Delivery Hero) bought the turkish 'giant', Yemeksepeti. yemeksepeti is where i order my lunches from on most days, and ive always appreciated it as the one turkish company with good english customer service (note: good and english are 2 separate things, they have BOTH, at the same time). and when i say 'one' i mean it. beats even turkish airlines. but so, good for them. 2 days after the announcement they made some small changes on the site, background mostly i think. now i look forward to seeing if anything else will change.

my resting pulse seems to have gotten even slower. i did have a few month break from even checking. it is down from 61-63 to 56-59. i guess there can be some fluctuations over time. maybe ill just get 'slower' with age? i think my body functions are slow in all aspects already. as long as that applies to the skin cells on my face, its quite nice...hah. but i dont need to stay looking young, i actually just look forward to aging gracefully.  

hmm, Magic Mike has a sequel...wait what, Joe Manganiello is in it? well lets see the trailer!

i had forgotten how amazing guns n roses was in their day. i mean, listening to UYI I & II here now, im like wooah. its that good. 

a friend is putting together a start up involved in video streaming and asking if i have interest in doing some work for them. its a pretty interesting case so i do feel tempted. im mostly worried about the hours as the testing work is my priority, but also potential stress that would come with responsibility. but i want to talk about it, think about it... maybe its possible.

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