June 17, 2015

coming up...

for a few years now ive been meaning to continue the tattoo work on my left arm, which has the mermaids and underwater stuff. i spent some time looking for suitable (watercolor style) artists in Melbourne, but they were all busy of course. the next artist in line was a turkish one (Koray Karagözler), but he'd just moved to Antalya which makes things a tad more difficult. so then i contacted someone in Istanbul, Yeliz @ Galata Tattoo, who used to work under Koray and she is really blooming i think. AND she speaks english, always a plus. so i will try meet her this week to consult on the options. maybe if all goes well we could start in the beginning of july.

in july i think ill also go for botox, its been a couple years since the last time. and this time itll be for actual wrinkles and not some other cause. wrinkles is the only thing botox is associated with, and finally ill be able to answer that judgmental question "why would you want to smooth out your wrinkles??!". lol. just because. im experimenting with my face. actually its not only the one wrinkle thats developed between my brows, its like i can see it on the forehead, how those (frowning) muscles are being overused and the forehead is not even anymore :(  i can almost see bumps above my brows...i am not consciously frowning but what the fuck. anyway, i realize my face is changing with age, and im generally fine with that, but i want to avoid the "angry look", so i do want to try and see how this goes...  otherwise ill just have to accept it? and start smiling more, i rather have crows feet and dimple wrinkles :D

and tomorrow....doctors mom is coming over! for 1 or 2 nights. i think coming all the way from Mersin, staying 2 nights makes more sense. she chose not to fly so the night bus is just a bit tiring, i believe. its been 2 yrs since i last saw her i, should be interesting :) we should take her out to eat and stuff.

enjoying Married at First Sight US and AU, on the same day! awesome stuff.

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