July 01, 2015

bloated in the heat

back home... with a sprained foot. now i need to get back to work and clear my inbox from stuff that was not urgent enough to deal during holidays. and leaving feedback on airbnb and hotels.com and so forth. im big on writing feedback and scoring places.

istanbul has gotten A/C deserving temperatures too, just under 30 i think, but about the same inside. still manageable but im keeping myself comfy.

the trip to Lisbon and Porto was really nice; great food, nice people, tasty wine, cute cities and great weather. i saw a lot of nice handicraft jewellery there, but somehow didnt feel like spending on them....  but now im obsessed with silver leaf earrings so im gonna look for ones in Etsy...need to do something while resting my foot :) i have to consider myself lucky, what if it was my hand that was incapacitated!

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