June 06, 2015

dreading the day after

tomorrow is an important election. the pessimist in me is not too hopeful, neither about the voters nor the fairness of the election. a lot depends on whether the kurdish party (HDP) gets 10% of the votes or not, and after that, there is still plenty of space for foul play. 
the guardian: Turkey at a crossroads as Erdoğan bulldozes his way to lasting legacy
the guardian: The world's most unfair election system – how would your parliament fare? 

sometimes i wondered why doctor has a fairly old-fashioned name, while his brothers have modern ones. the family is not conservative nor religious so...  apparently he was named after this leftist leader (pic below).

i was out and about after or between work the other day, looking for summer shoes and dresses. for a white dress in specific. but most "white" is natural white (semi beige), and i am strictly a snow white person. thats always the problem with white...ive missed out on a lot of nice white clothes because of that slight difference in tone.but im not able to 'get over it'.

got my monthly nail repair, sporting a glittery pink french manicure now (just the polish). 

i look forward to watching
Welcome to Me
The End of the Tour a "talking movie" as doctor would say - i guess ill watch this one alone
Nowitzki - The Perfect Shot im not interested in basketball, but this just may be an interesting documentary. they focus on the fact that he is german, and i focus on the fact that his name is...polish or something?
A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence of course! Roy Anderson's latest!

also, this summer im looking to check or return to these series
The Brink i love Tim Robbins and this one just may be a bit funny
Dark Matter im not usually into sci-fi but im a nice person, ill give it a go...
Sense8 by Wachowski siblings
Humans the american version of pretty cool swedish original Äkta Människor

i should start looking at Lisbon restaurants. its funny how our recent holidays have been so food oriented considering how 'incompetent' we r as foodies. we just enjoy good food, without perhaps even knowing whats supposed to be good. but besides Lisbon, we should visit another city - and Porto seems to top the list. so perhaps 2 days in Porto then.

doctor got this huge box of chocolates as a thank you from a patient, a 70 yr old lady.  nom nom.

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