June 02, 2015

Fury road

after trips to Australia and Helsinki, i am now back on uTest, testing apps and software, kind of as a hobby.

something i cooked on tuesday i believe. a salad recipe i got from miss R, although heavily modified as i didnt bother checking the recipe while grocery shopping. in addition fried sausage from finland.

doctors passport with a new schengen visa arrived from the portuguese consulate via UPS and we were nervous to see if he got it for a year or just for the trip - the lady at the consulate had been less than friendly (to put it mildly). he has received a year several times in a row now so thats the expectation but anyway. we were quite shocked to see he got 3 years. i didnt know they give 3 year schengen visas...i bet turkish people dont see them too often. but what a nice surprise.

watched the new Mad Max last night. a few too many car chases for me, but ok. visually pleasing of course. full of logical loopholes in my opinion but i guess thats the style of the cartoony world they live in and not a real issue i should pay attention to. pre-watching i was already unimpressed with the main characters name though, Furiosa. i mean, really? this is like 50 shades of Grey; Christian Grey & Anastasia Steele...  but thats a detail. overall a nice film.

that reminds me, the honest trailer for 50 shades of grey. im sure it sums it all up pretty well.

Hollywood & older men (by Vulture)

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