July 03, 2015

someone needs a haircut stat

in Lisbon we also met with my old friend (ok, acquaintance) Carlos. i know him from way back, deviantart times. Carlos and i also met when i last visited portugal like 7-8 years ago. and little did i know he was now running for parliament! i follow his facebook but this info had not come across to me...  so this year 2 people i know have ran for parliament, thats cool.  

doctor had an interesting patient in his last shift. the lady came explaining a horribly burning and pain in her genital area after using a hair removal cream. well yes, sure, more than 3 to 5 minutes...  i can imagine the skin gets irritated. doctors hospital is a conservative area, with uneducated and even illiterate people from the country side, so i already guessed what the problem was. sure enough, she had never removed the cream. somehow at any point, going to a shower had not occurred to her.

my swollen and bruised balloon foot. oh thats a nice bunion developing there!! :D go heels!
last night was a designated girls night. originally we were supposed to go to Carilyn', but due to my immobility we gathered at my place and ordered take away. that was fun enough, it had been a while since the 4 of us girls got together...someone is always traveling and whatnot.

a friend told me that i am one of the most "diverse" individuals that she knows, that my interests are all over the place (in a good way) and im really into 'so many things'. i hadnt thought of that. i assumed everyone is like that, but when i thought of it, sure, maybe its kind of true. of course everyone has a few more things going on than is obvious on the surface, but maybe im just more 'out there'. it has occurred to me that i seem to know people from various walks of life, more so than average. so it must be related. and im really happy about that, it has made my life so rich. still, i feel like there are so many more things that i dont have the time for!

the most recent season of Bachelorette is trying to come out of the mold a bit. probably mostly planned of course but the current leading lady is taking some freedoms too, its interesting. i still find it like a fascinating social experiment, i think it displays one extreme of american social conventions, somehow. but yeah, its very light entertainment, love it.

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