July 04, 2015

self-improvement month

last night my tattoo artist sent me her design, for the tattoo im supposed to get tomorrow. not surprisingly perhaps i had some thoughts on how to improve it. actually its a great design and great colors, but some of elements are just not exactly to my liking. it doesnt need to be redrawn but unfortunately i hate the contrast color she chose, for instance. i am not very good in these situations, professionals dont like to be told what to do and i certainly dont want to be rude, so i kindly explained my thoughts and hopefully its not too much to ask...  lets see.

doctor got his results from the IELTS exam. it went quite okay. it was a good test round. but not yet the required average (7.5 for a medical license in many commonwealth countries), so we will book the next one for the fall and really study. academic writing is the biggest hurdle really, which is understandable for someone who never had to write academic texts...  but im supporting him, we will get there :)

movies that might be worth watching:
Meet Me in Montenegro
The Diary of a Teenage Girl

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