July 06, 2015

a jellyfish is born

soooo....  new ink! this visit to the tattoo shop was the toughest I've ever had (overall the most painful day of my life). perhaps it shouldn't have come as a surprise since it is the biggest of my tats, and there's color and all...  it had been so many years since my last visit I'd blissfully forgotten how bad it can be. and this went way beyond. its the back of the arm thats the worst..  I'm glad I didn't faint in the last 15 minutes :/

the work took about 6 hours. i sweat my clothes thoroughly wet a few times during this, not to mention i bled like crazy, too, for some unknown reason.

doctor took after shower shower pics of my jellyfish (ie. after cleaning off the scab and before applying bepanthen...). its hard to cover all angles but to give an idea...

in progress shot (during a break).

but so, well, yes i am quite happy with it! :)

despite everything, right after this, i booked myself a new time for friday... after all, the plan is to polish and ugrade my old tattoos as well. and Yeliz the tattoo artist is going on holiday in less than 2 weeks. so i better go now that im a roll, rather than get lazy and comfortable and take a 5 year break again...

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