July 09, 2015

new name, new face

the past months has been steady summer here. in june (latest) the weather gets warm and u dont look at forecasts anymore, you KNOW its sunny and warm when you wake up. its 27-32 degrees and no worries. 30 can be a bit scorching in the sun, but im still fine with it. i really like warm. im certain there is a secret reason, like half a degree lower body temperature or something.

istanbul streets are at their best in the summer, the life, the hustle... its invigorating. even if some of the people are fasting atm and hence, suffering :)  i think ramadan ends next week or so.

a few days ago i got my results for some of my yearly check up tests (which i got done at Caginer hastanesi). it was a challenge to find the papers though, they were not filed under my first name, last name nor middle name...hmmmm. i mean, its very normal in turkey to have one of the names written wrong if you're a foreigner, you get used to it. typos in your residence permit can be troublesome, rest of the time its just annoying. anyway, the results were found, somehow, although ALL 3 of my names were heavily typoed. my first name even became Senni. while the staff was overall nice at this hospital, why did they put a dyslexic at the front desk?
(following image not really interesting unless one knows my full name, but for my own entertainment)

tuesday was botox day. one of the items in my self improvement month checklist. I just got the between eyebrows treatment to keep myself from frowning. that's enough. the doctor my friend had recommended was really nice and informative, listening to my concerns and not inventing problems that I don't think I have; just what I needed (and would expect in a civilized country). but it takes a few days for the effect to take place, let's hope it's as expected. so far so good.

I was willing to travel all the way to the other side of the city (Bakirkoy) for this doctor, but it can be hard to find a good, ethical & affordable one here, so recommendations go a long way. i was able to make the trip with a ferry from kadiköy though.

tattoo is building up scab. eww. and the arm is overall still quite sore, skin feeling tight etc. i guess this type of "UI add-ons" have a price?

i have a strong urge to buy new summer dresses but i admit i have enough. technically. it just never feels like i have what im looking for...

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