August 25, 2015

eating party leftovers

Sinquefield Cup 2015 has started. means chess games live streamed with commentary! so far i am not liking the commentators actually, but okay, whatever. it's still fun listening/watching.
before the wedding i got this idea of getting a notebook and titling it "i love you so much because..." and then writing one reason per page.  as a gift to doctor. so i bought a notebook and soon learned it doesn't have nearly enough pages!! :D i had to go and buy another, this time paying more attention to the page count. 96 pages would have to do!

reasons include " are a watermelon specialist" " have good teeth" "... you don't drink like a Finn" " are humble" " are an atheist" " show me a lot of attention & affection" and so forth :)

i think i got this pretty genius idea before our holiday. we were gonna use this large fabric tote at the festival, and i sometimes use them in the summer too. but finding your phone from a bag full of stuff can be hell! also, what if it's at the bottom or side and you hit the bag onto something hard and the screen cracks? unlikely, but...  so inside the tote, i sewed a small loop, onto with i can hang this karabiner, which itself has an ankle sock attached to it...  perfect for slipping in a smart phone :D with the stretch the phone won't drop out, yet its easy to put in and pull out, and the sock provides some protection and the whole system makes it easy to locate the phone. yeah, im a genius, no news there.

despite requests to forget about gifts, we did receive some wedding gifts...   

a friend of doctors gave us these fancy turkish coffee cups. im now sure how they match our otherwise ikea-ish style, but well, there they are.
 a friend living in the UK gave us London related things, this cool iluustrated book and shot glasses among them. she knows we plan to move to London, so that was the theme. very thoughtful and cute, it's nice to have *someone* to "support" our plan!

my stepmom gave me this handmade backpack. she makes these out of aluminium can ring pulls.... seriously cool looking stuff. this bag too is very well designed, with a smaller pouch inside. the bags are durable but lightweight. innovative, ecological and different looking. 
soda can tab ring pulls bag DIY

of course a few people wanted to give a traditional turkish wedding gift, the gold coin. in turkey, its usually cash (bills) or a gold coin - no other options. there are a few different coin sizes - i think this one is from the bigger. no idea of value - too much!

another friend gave this cool frame where we could stick photos or cards to. we dont really do photo printing so maybe cards then...

Buenos Aires Independent Film Festival just made a whole load of films (which theyve previously screened) available for online viewing. awesome!

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