August 30, 2015

yay to finding new places

my friend Carilyn just moved to a new flat in central Istanbul (like, the european center). very nice cute place. i went over to check it out last wednesday, she cooked and we had some wine.

ive been thinking about this relocation thing again (surprise!). during summer and when life is smooth and the political situation "calm" (between elections now, not much happening), life in Istanbul and specifically Kadiköy is sweet. aches to think about leaving this. looking out of the window now, with the sun shining, friendly neighbors and a guaranteed 27-32 degrees for at least a another couples weeks or so... not to mention the new Cuban restaurant downstairs that has REAL nachos!! but i know that's only the other side. when i read about censorship, new laws taking turkey back to stone age, police brutality and occasionally the is general unrest... and the car repair shop takes zero responsibility over the shitty repair work...and i find new moldy corner in the house and i know the landlord doesn't give a shit... and the grocery store cashier cannot see their own mistake after overcharging me and will argue it (prolly cos she is half illiterate, but nevertheless).... mmm. yeah.

no country is perfect though. mold is a worldwide problem anyway, and im sure you get to argue with car repair shops everywhere. but there are various 'levels' of these problems, and some countries have implemented structures to deal with them and to protect consumers.

the open terrace of Rock n Rolla next to our home. hadnt been there for like...months? so we had one drink with doctor the other night. 

i wanted to write a wish list for an ideal city to live in. (there is a pre-condition of english being the official language).
  • a developed/western country
  • wide variety of restaurant foods & cuisines available
  • multi-cultural
  • good public transport options
  • decent quality & modern (yet somewhat affordable) housing
  • possibility to live in a central area, with shops/restaurants/life around
  • big & central city (the capital or of similar importance, a hub for business etc)
  • lots of stuff to do, possible acitivities
  • nice weather, long summer
  • processed foods available (microvaweable meals etc)
  • organic/free range etc foods available
  • large varieties of western brands and products (eg. Cheerios, nachos, H&M, bra strap stickers, steak seasoning with fake smoke taste...)
  • good education system
  • good health care system
  • low income gap
  • with decent travel opportunities (=location and & distance...)
  • political and economical stability
  • safety (general safety on the streets plus safety as a country)
  • generally liberal people & attitudes around (relative, but i mean when i wear a mini, men dont stare)
  • fast internets
  • decent variety of alcohol which is affordable
  • decent to good work opportunities in IT & healcare 
  • good online shopping opportunities
 i was also gonna add the metric system, but meh, whatever. 

i think i just described Helsinki? :D minus weather, multi-culturalism (and language pre-condition). maybe the city size...   anyway im not surprised. i bet finns in finland dont feel like they have half of those things, but everything is so relative...  we are never happy with what we have anyway. thats especially a first-world problem.

i hate when this happens to shoes i really like. its not that i used them so much, the fake leather just deteriorates with time...

video: kitties wrestling
tumblr: anonymous essays on female orgasm
hurriyet daily: on the suffering horses of istanbul island

i cooked from the party leftovers the other day. cheese, sausage, tomatoes... 

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