August 06, 2015

so which shoes am i packing?

argh, a part of me wants to go borrow a dSLR from someone, then borrow a bunny from somewhere, take a portrait and print in wall size. and look at it all day. yeah, ive been to again...  although i rarely go anymore cos its too dog heavy.

i took my pocket camera (Canon S95) to Canon's service last week. the lens was incredibly dirty, but more importantly, i was getting a weird error with my memory card and the battery... like, they just wouldnt randomly work, i had to take them out, put them back, try again, repeat....  anyway, so i took the camera there and they said they'd look into it. i got a text the same day in the afternoon that the camera is ready for pick up for no cost at all. they basically cleaned the lens and the card and battery sensors and then concluded that everything seems to be working fine. and they didnt charge for this. amazing customer service, me thinks. i havent used the camera a lot since, but so far its working smoothly, maybe it really was just a connection thing...    to upgrade my photo experience i decided to bu a wifi memory card though, rather than buy a new camera with wifi and having to choose from a limited selection. Eyefi's Mobi cards seemed good so ive decided to get one of those :)

i have myself a pretty busy schedule this week, sunday we are leaving for holiday...and the packing stress and getting 'everything done' is getting to me as always before traveling. also, we will host a house party just a few days after returning, so im already stressing over that. basically just trying to prepare and buy things before hand, but putting a lot of thought into these kind of equals stress almost.

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