July 29, 2015

proudly sweating

so as (i) expected, new Windows is great (well, based on reviews). every 2nd release is a winner, thats just the way it is. i will definitely consider Win10 after they have dealt with any hiccups and when software becomes available and so on. then i need to consider how great of a weight it puts on my superpupu computer though - although upgraded, she is not young anymore. and the transfer to a new OS is one of the most stresful things i know. the last time i upgraded the OS was...  okay, maybe around 5 yrs ago. still. the thought of it makes me nervous. yesterday i was cleaning superpupu's  C drive cos it was too full and causing lagging*...  poor thing. its better now. i think my plan was to try and keep things unchanged until we move to another country, its seems like the safest solution. so maybe ill look at 10 when we move and i will get a new computer.

*Windirstat is a great tool to see whats hogging the space, very simple and userfriendly little thing.

today is a (mostly) non-aircon day. just to celebrate the so far warmest day of the summer (36C) :) suddenly im drinking a lot more liquid.... 

i was watching this tv show where someone was described as "thinking by speaking". good or bad, i think im like that too, especially in my relationship. 

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