July 28, 2015

sunny 35

so although things r kind of good lately, i am having problems sleeping, or falling asleep to be precise. its something ive always battled with, on/off. and I don't seem stressed at the moment so it's not that, either. the stuff in my mind is what always keeps me up and nowadays more so, again. a couple times I just let myself stay up until the morning and start a new day (and then had a few hour nap around noon, july's minimal working hours allow for this). but then other evenings I was like fuck it, and took something to knock myself unconscious. when this happens I always believe it's better to rotate a few different 'ingredients' rather than stick with one  that you could then get possibly hooked on. but im not sure it matters. I tried valerian root capsules too, half-optimistic, but those nights I ended up hearing the morning prayer call.... soooo. nothing natural never gave me sleep. melisa tea can relax and whatnot but it's my brain that is harder to tame.

the other day i got a pair of silver plated leaf earrings in the mail. i ordered from an Etsy shop  :) they look good on me, maybe shinier than im used to, but with time maybe they will dim down a bit...  i dont like too shiny things.

i went out for a random shopping spree on sunday. the streets are full on weekends in kadiköy, but the hoards of people dont bother me especially if im not in a hurry. its a 30 degree day too so rushing only causes sweating, better take it easy. i had a huge, tasty veggie wrap for lunch and checked shoe stores, some clothes and cosmetic shops. and now i realize, i didnt actually buy anything. however i did stumble upon a big store selling fabrics, embroidery stuff, buttons and other haberdashery. i dont really do sewing but every now and then i want to get some clothes edited and seamstress services are cheap.

found Brain Dots and have since then been glued to the phone. doesnt help with the sleeping problems. crazy addictive...

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