July 24, 2015

smooth sailing

loved the new Bond trailer, of course...  just seeing a glimpse of Monica Bellucci made my legs weak. but thankfully i was sitting.

Hurriyet daily: 10 issues Turkish media is banned from reporting on

from our brunch a couple weeks back.
I really don't like these new ferries Istanbul bought for cross Bosphorus traffic. I'm not against new on principle, i realise we cannot run the cute, idyllic ferries forever, but these are like an abomination. and they just showed up, the public was not included the process in any way. I'm not the only one who's disappointed. 

although the quiet days continue at work front, im enjoying life..i think. theres picnics and new shoes and stuff... and im living an extra healthy life this month too. so that ups my mood.

wow, Married at First Sight UK....  escalated quickly. lol. still, worth the 3 episodes it lasted.


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