September 15, 2015

hangovers get worse with age, lesson learned...again

i came across the other day. what a nice's still in the beginning stages but i contacted the creator to give some feedback on how to improve.

turkish (last ) week wrapped up (without the hundred or so articles on clashes, vandalism, attacks and general instabilty...)
(Today's Zaman) video footage released of american women killed by turkish airport police. thats fucked up. and i bet the only reason we even know about it is because she is a foreigner.
(Today's Zaman) Court gives high schooler prison time
(Hurriyet) Turkish Kristallnacht coming soon?
(Hurriyer) Why insanity is a Turkish pastime? 

last friday i went out with the girls, on saturday i suffered from a hangover, and yesterday i went on a Bosporus cruise with doctor and his colleagues (2 of them just graduated). so, stuff going on.

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