September 09, 2015

schnozzle surgery

yesterday we got up as early as 5am to get ready and drive to the hospital on the european side, just to make sure we are not late - u never know with istanbul traffic. while doctor was in surgery from the morning till noon, i napped on his bed for a couple hours. everything went well although the operation was apparently more difficult than expected. the nose was heavily bandaged and continued to bleed all day and night. but thats normal and thats why we had to stay the night. the sofa chair next to his bed opened into a bed and the hospital cafe offered room service, so i was happy with my life too.

turkey turkish public hospital gaziosmanpasa
the gaziosmanpasa public hospital was new and quite nice, not crazy crowded. ive seen some pretty 'eww' public hospitals in this country so this was a nice surprise. the patient room was in fact great, better than some cheap hotels ive stayed at...  it was spacy, with a great view, in good condition, with a big wardrobe and fridge and a big bathroom with shower and all.

turkey turkish public hospital gaziosmanpasa

the only thing not that great was the (free) food. i mean...  this is how they keep the cafe alive...  (i had one spoonful of the macaroni before taking a pic).

turkey turkish hospital food

a turkish prescription! the system is all electronic though, u dont need the paper if u have the number.
turkish drug prescription

something i realized I have a problem with, very quickly after my wedding, was the word "husband". changing from bf to husband seemed and seems uncomfortable. while bf does sound almost too casual, it's so vague, husband is way out there, sounding traditional and making me feel old! Doctor agreed with me and we decided that we can use gf/bf or whichever term we prefer, for as long as we feel like. it shouldn't matter, anyway. I have also used the word 'partner' on random occasions.

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