September 03, 2015

monthly (not really) app rant & review

pinterest. ive been looking for a sort of visual 'to do list' app or an app that allows me to create small visual bookmarks (but not just of stuff online, could be anything). all sorts of notepad apps fail miserably, they are too complicated and requires titles and are not visual enough. technically, pinterest should fit the bill? but honestly whenever i look at pinterest it keeps striking me as "selfish". all companies are selfish and must think of their advertisers and shareholders bank accounts, but it's not supposed to show to the user! pinterest is always pushing their own agenda; not allowing you to browse anonymously (forces you to create an account), and now, that i downloaded the iphone app and wanted to pin a photo of mine? they wont allow that without a description. so im a fucking tagging robot for them now? i dont think so. and when i open the app, instead of MY BOARDS, its pushing me to choose topics i like, so it can show me a bunch of BS i dont care for. i wanna see the boards i created. at least i should be able to choose what to see first...  if its this hard to find my boards, in order to pin something...and then i have to describe it for them... nevermind. with the messages, notifications and features in general, pinterest seems more like an instagram of photos you did not take. in other words focused on the social side of it, showing things you have 'collected'...  they want me to pin stuff, but yet it doesn't seem to be the point...

Evernote. what a wonderful idea. and i still use this app. but dear lord how confusing and complicated it has become. i think they want to be everything to everyone? i mean i open it, and it looks like a christmas tree:
where the F* is the button for a new note, i have to look for it every time. and then there is "web clips" "files"...  ??? i wish they had a "simple version" available, and then they could charge money from people who really need all this... stuff. the UI actually reminds me of like, Outlook. as said, i use Eevernote from time to time, it is a good place to save ...recipies. all 6 of them.  but i dont find it user friendly. and on the phone, the app is not any better, making a quick note is not too easy.

Oneminute. the app intro is not very clear, or maybe i just didnt pay attention, but this is a cool app...  very random and i find seeing photos from distant places inspiring, as well. anyway, in short,
"You never know when your notification from OneMinute is going to arrive, but once it does you have just 60 seconds to take a picture of your surroundings before the app scoops everyone's photos up and freezes them in place for all to look at." (Business Insider). so the anonymous app is like an anonymous instagram, but without the filters and always representing one moment, eg. 9:48am.
theres not much else to do, u take the pic and then browse other people's pics. i just enjoy seeing a glimpse of the world, the different time zones and lives.

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