October 04, 2015

eyes and ears open

my new fav song. googled and turns out its written by Bob Dylan.
The Basement Tapes: When I Get My Hands On you. spotify - youtube 

"And now you know
Everywhere on Earth you go
You’re gonna have me as your man

i revised my alarm clock tunes. I had Birdy (by 22-Pistepirkko) for a while but now decided to go back to Kokomo, possibly my all time favorite. also i added Louis Armstrong's What a Wonderful World in the selection :)

i seemed to have caught a cold! oh wellllll.

just watched an old Guns n Roses documentary. it brought back memories. it was definitely one of the bands that shaped my youth and the music, i still think, is fucking amazing. when i was a 13 yr old little anxious rebel, they gave me hope and meaning.

tonight i want to watch Going Clear, the HBO doc on scientology. its documentary day! last night me and doctor watched a Todd Solondz film; Dark Horse. i have to say it was a disappointment. very 'meh'.

VICE: american vigilantes who are fighting ISIS 

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