October 22, 2015

the woman who didn't want to be fertile

ive been out and about and meeting new people lately. last saturday i was out with a friend at a club and it made me feel old cos although i had fun, dancing etc, the next day i had a dry throat, runny nose and everything smelled liked cigarettes. people were allowed to smoke inside there and the volume was so high you couldnt hear even your own voice. it was not for me. but it was not bad either and i had other great night too, met some new people and so forth.

some new series i found;
Code Black a very hectic ER show. too hectic, in fact. i will try another episode but it is hard to even follow the conversation when 10 people hassle and shout at the same time, supposedly trying to save someone. but i do like the seasoned actors they have cast so there is still hope?
You Me and the Apocalypse so far so good. Row Lowe has several fun roles going on right now, im impressed.

today is my tubal ligation surgery. something I thought about for so long...  finally happening. i should be in working condition in no time, just need to be careful and take it easy for a while. doctor is going to be with me all the way too, which is nice, im nervous about anaesthesia. 

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