October 25, 2015

alive and so-so

my surgery went well. i woke up to a world of pain but the lovely hospital staff took care of that too, and then i slept most of saturday. i was discharged at noon today and so now im just taking it easy at home. doctor left for a nightshift, poor guy, having stayed up and taken care of me, he didnt really get a good sleep...

notes to self:
1. no laying down, getting up is a bitch
2. no laughing.
3. definitely no coughing. already felt like ive ripped my stitches from couching a couple times :(

i counted 9 holes in me...  3 in my abdomen (...), 2 in my butt for painkiller injections, 1 in my thigh for the same reason, 1 on my arm for pre-surgery blood tests and 2 on my hand when they tried to find a spot for the IV. if i was a balloon i would not be a happy one.

overall, physically im sore, but emotionally i feel a bit relieved that i finally got it done, after soooo many years of planning. and of course i am thinking what a weight this will take off my shoulders, but it hasnt really hit me yet. i am happy that i did my research and found an ob gyn that knows his stuff, specialized in laparoscopies. not the warmest person although friendly, but thats secondary, i prefer someone good at their job.

saturday evening. the hospital room was very hotel room like, like they usually are in private hospitals.

turkish gov decided last minute that nooooo, the country will not end daylight savings time on Oct 29th like everyone else, instead it will happen 2 weeks later. result: everyone phones and computers show different times. this sums up my FB feed this morning;

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