October 30, 2015

and now i have this feeling in my throat..o_O

im getting rid of extra clothes by sending them to eastern turkey, there is a local family distributing stuff to syrian refugees. i sent the first box last week, and i guess ill fill another next week, since this week is spent with Senni and Anna-M, they came here for a visit. the post office cargo is quite cheap, i paid 12tl/3 eur for a quite big box of full of clothing, i think it was 4,5kg or so.

my recovery has been...meh. slow! i had my 1 week check up and stitch removal today. i bitched about the occasionally annoying pain levels and was prescribed more pain killers. also i have an infected belly button incision, and im already using antibiotic cream for that. i guess i should be just happy there is nothing else wrong? but im a bit paranoid, waiting to see if i get fever. cos then thats a really bad thing.until then, i should just wait and see :/ as the icing on the cake i look like im 3-4 months pregnant - talk about some some serious bloating...  i can appreciate the irony and dont mind overall, but it does add to the physical discomfort, this bump is the area where the pain lives.

im watching Terminator Genisys...and its...confusing. 

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