October 31, 2015

enjoying the day off

i slept a full 8 hours last night and the odd pre-cold feeling in my throat disappeared. yay.

turkey celebrated Republic Day on thursday. flags everywhere and festival activities all over. i didnt pay attention though, was at home working :D

and tomorrow is election day. i could link to a dozen interesting articles on the topic but im way too jaded for that. and honestly, when 12 yr olds are facing 2 years in jails for ripping a poster of the president...  is it even safe to share a bloody link anymore? ill just turn my head away and go 'lalalala'. 11 more months to go, i hope no harm will come on our way until then. meanwhile, doctor will go vote tomorrow.

im in high spirits today cos im pain free. i guess the new long acting painkillers are working miracles. add an episode of The Amazing Race Canada and im kind of smiling....:)

i just remembered i didnt post any of the wedding photos from august... it crossed my mind when i got the photos from Marianne, but ive had a kind of 'no show policy' with bf's. anyway i just asked doctor and he is ok with this sharing this pic;

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