November 03, 2015

falling asleep at 10pm

a few days i got an FB msg from a greek woman. she told she was in deviantart back when i was, too, and has been reading my blog since. like, what, really? its hard to believe someone would bother, i feel like the blog is so superficial and cannot possibly offer anything to anyone who doesnt know me at least...  i was wrong? but i love randomly "meeting" people :) so it was kind of an energy boost for me. i needed it, although having guests was nice too, my slow surgery recovery has dampened the mood lately.

2 in 1: a cool t-shirt Senni brought me and my 'no-baby bump'. the photo is from a few days ago though, i think its finally going down a bit. i could maybe get away with just having drank beer now, its good its not summer anymore, neighbors asking if im expecting would be...hmm.  

a few pet peeves i have on FB:
1. people sharing more less edgy/critical/radical articles, where the source is something like or i mean, ummm. not saying the piece of news cannot be true, but it undermines the credibility. and the annoying part is that when i comment just pointing out that i find the source less than credible, they go "oh but ive seen this information in various, well establised, medias too". oh yeah? well why would you shoot yourself in the leg then and share it from there?? come on...
2. the images of teachers holding a sign "hi im a teacher from x school in x and i want to show my students how fast stuff travels on the internet, please Like this post/image...". im not even going to comment.

not so delicious looking dinner from some days ago. however it was delicious! there are meze type of mashes which doctor made, and my lentil stew.

the waiting area of my ob gyn/doctor. private practises in turkey pretty much compete in the amount of gold, leather and diamonds they can cram in the impress the wealthy (and not so wealthy, but who all the same should be convinced that the relatively high prices are worth it). 

recent things:
i read about the use and efficacy of Furacin (topical cream for wounds). white feminist with dreadlocks - wtf...  i mean i can read, and understand...but meh, i cannot fully agree...   someone eradicated bed bugs from her house with some heavy chemicalsTim Atlas on The Voice really stole my heart, i dont love the original version of the song Torn (by Natalie Imbruglia), but Tim's was...wonderful, so quirky and unique. i cant believe they let him go, in favor of some all american, generic stuff. i cant even remember the performance he lost to! ugh. then i found this blog-site sort of thing about the more scientific (chemical) side of cosmetics.

work has offered me a lot of challenges lately. in a good way. just testing different features in different environments, there is a lot of stuff going on, changes to some elements that need be integrated and sometimes i feel like its going way over my head but then i catch on again.

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